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Fishing is something that is seen as a sport to many people. In their eyes, it is an opportunity for them to showcase their competitive side and even make money. Others use this activity as a hobby or a way to relax. However, this activity can actually be used to teach children some valuable life lessons.

Top 5 Sport Fishing Destinations you need to add to your Bucket List

While the eco-tourism trend is abuzz around the world, activities like recreational fishing are gaining more popularity than ever. Most saltwater fishing anglers cannot deny that sport fishing is an enjoyable and environmental-friendly activity. There are literally hundreds of beautiful and pristine saltwater recreational fishing destinations found on every continent. Plus, the fishing enthusiasts will get a chance to explore the natural fish habitat, many native species and other marine life during their fishing tour at each destination. Here is a list of the top five saltwater sport fishing destinations for expert and novice anglers.

Contest Time-Fall 2016

The Original CJ Special is proud to present the Fall 2016 Video Derby! We are looking for videos. The first 20 videos showing the Original CJ Special hooking a fish while being trolled behind a boat will be entered to win. These first 20 videos will be reviewed and...


Testimonial: Gibran White

For those whom have never tried or have never been exposed to these top notch killers, its time you add a few to your tackle supply. I personally guarantee these spoons will out fish 95% of most bait fisherman any day, any tide of the week.

I’ll bet my reputation on it!

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Testimonial: Nathan “Cooter” Skidmore

CJ’s Lures are EXTREMELY cherished in my arsenal of fishing gear

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Testimonial: Pat Terry

Charlie Jones’ lures were high producers this season. Most days, out fishing some of my favorite, tried and true lures, that I have relied on in the past.

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Testimonial: Guy Antila

We have caught numbers of Lake Trout between 35 -52 lbs. We have caught plenty of river salmon on our CJ’s when the fish would not take roe.

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Testimonial: Billy Wiseman

No fish can resist the CJ special… it looks so good in the water that I could almost bite it myself!

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