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Who am I?

 Hello, my name is Charlie Jones.

I have invented a fishing lure that is extremely durable and it catches fish. I have numerous guides including Gibran White say the same thing. I’ve caught over a hundred Spring Salmon on one of your lures. There is hardly any paint left on it and still catching fish.

The action of the lure is, it travels 1ft rolling one way, then the lure roles in the opposite direction 1ft and continues this action until Fish On !!

PS: This lure can be fished without a flasher

What is the Origin CJ Special?

The lure that is extremely durable and efficient. Top fishing guides, including Gibran White, have attested to its quality: “I have caught over a hundred spring salmon on one of your lures. There is hardly any paint left on it, yet it still catches fish.” 
Our lures are made from a tempered aluminum alloy, making them very strong.

How It Works

Perfect balance is achieved by the design. All of our lures are isometric, or like a tear drop in shape. The bend and twist in the lure makes it roll and move 8 inches. The leader then wraps up and sends the lure back in the opposite direction. This action happens continually until a fish is caught.